Which phases are we going to meet from the project start to the delivery?

The project moves when so called kick-off happens, usually in the form of a meeting but other formal forms of official start are also known. It’s nice to have a plan so the drafted project charter is our key document, with specified details and known timeline of activities. We normally track deliveries as the goals of spent resources and time, marked as milestones. There should be a brief introduction of the team members with roles and tasks as well as the resources available correlated with the expected outcomes from the project sponsor position. It is also a very interesting to have a communication plan and methodology to monitor work (so called steering, presented by a committee). Project activities that can be parallel or follow one another, as well as reporting results or visibility in the broader sense. In any case, the project must have its end and mark a unique entity, knowing that goal is not to repeat but to achieve the expectations within the given time frame and resources. The team formation, the phase of the plan realization and the escalation procedure due to the offset of the baseline are directed at the final stage of delivery of one or more results and in sum represent the total of the periods for which it is necessary and can be prepared proactively. Today it is feasible to develop business and to realize innovative ideas without knowing the project approach, in which the value of training and the frequency of knowledge testing of project team members are of the highest importance.

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