Can we grow without sustainable innovations?

Henry Ford has long since concluded that his targeted customers would probably say that they need a faster horse. Equally, as long as we have been persistent in advancing the existing, without the inclusion of a novelty, we will not advance at the speed with which technology and innovation potential make it possible. Therefore, having worked on the most advanced street lighting functionality as a product that was possible to optimize considerably, today we would not have a public lighting that we imply as a standard of modern society. It is most important not to bring innovation to a position when it is itself a goal to keep in mind that every investment in a competitive global market must be justified. Sustainability in a continuous innovation process does not mean that just getting the idea into a specific product must be profitable, but the organization as an entity and the community as a set of innovators must be able to repeat the innovation process without jeopardizing the basic functions of the currently available priorities for regular work and development. Growth without innovation is hardly conceivable and will not be fun anyhow. Intellectual property rights and the management of the knowledge and experience involved in the innovation process are the key to securing monetization and a prerequisite for sustainability, where the strategic approach points to the first step in the long rise to the fulfillment of tactical ideas, all with a dose of improvisation that draws the overall area as demanding and attractive.

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