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What is the path from and idea to the business result?

It has been scientifically proven that innovation does not happen by itself. A large amount of revolutionary ideas does not mean a guarantee of success. You must choose a specific idea and focus all your energy and knowledge in contemplation of feasibility. Taking into account the technical elements, regulatory frameworks and financial parameters, we can get a clearer picture of the sense of movement in realization process. It is a multidimensional approach that does not hinder or keep us within a confined space, because often the right value is just outside the box, and by reflecting on a wide area we can find the answer to the key questions of turning ideas into innovation. The path is very difficult and painful, so motivation is a fundamental incentive to justify efforts and remove doubts about the correctness of work in moments when the meaningt comes to the question. The inspiration must be strong and teamwork implied. A common vision will be achieved in a tangible result where objectivity and reality is determined by analytical tools and, on the other hand; the balance is to add new elements on top of the imagination. Only when we apply new ideas, we come to the quality or benefit that marks new values ​​and we can proudly say that innovation has taken place. Without a clear, adopted and feasible plan of action, any attempt to realize innovation will remain as just an idea.

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