What market expects from the start-up?

Starting with ideas, we all know the technology more or less, but the sum of the underlying preconditions does not result in a successful entrepreneurial story based on incredible demand for invented novelties. Acting as a start-up entrepreneur, the biggest challenge is to survive; to finance development and to position the product on the market with the 93% of possibilities to fail and close the business. Only 7% of the newly established entrepreneurs experience the third year of their business, globally. Significant requirements have been set for knowing the administrative and legal processes, as well as for financials, product development, sales and marketing. It is demanding to reach the sales results that will cover all costs within the scale-up period and growth in general can withstand its own resources or with external financing. There is a high level of interested financiers in Croatia and a region for investing in entrepreneurial propulsive projects at an early stage, as well as the possibility of speeding up using available grants mostly from EU funds. Entrepreneurship capital is beneficial, but guarantees for the realization of the loan are needed, and the total solicitation of their own strength must be accompanied by persistence and the elimination of any fear of failure. If you are familiar with all the problems that entrepreneurs are waiting for during the period of initial business, planning solving with the focus on key guidelines can significantly reduce stress and increase your chances. Timely and correct information in the first steps is a benefit that can not be replaced in any way, and creative techniques that lead to finding areas of interest speed up every start-up.

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