What are we constrained with on the way to the desired goal?

Creativity does not know the limits, but technology, money, and rules are a solid reality check that marks the barriers in turning imagination into reality. Time as a factor affects feasibility or profitability, but overall observation before any activity start is to be observed in relation to the minimum prerequisites for achieving a tangible product that in the next steps aims to achieve a sales result. The limits that can be canceled and the risks we are able to avoid by appropriate measures represent a segment of knowledge that the final outcome may depend to a significant extent. By analytical approach and with expertise in specific areas, entrepreneurs are used to study the direction of movement in business development. As generalists and decision-makers, it implies the inability to know absolutely all sub-specialties and issues that do not come to light in the foreground. Accepting business rules in developed markets and in complex organizational systems is a great step forward in getting to know the actual limits and possible traps that need to be prepared. With more eyes it is better to see the technical aspect and business model, as critical elements for planning activities are reasonably evaluated through the study methodology and the form of a professionally crafted document.

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