What are the chances for a positive monetization of a new idea?

In binary world, a new idea can succeed or fail. Mathematically, chances are not 50:50 but successful and proven ideas can be measured in prominences versus the vast majority of ideas that do not go into business development or do so but result in profitable viable business. Without a clear plan that, with the inclusion of investment capacity, there are definite goals, it is unimaginable to measure the success of a business venture and assess its own chances of success in innovation. The reach of the market and the entrepreneurial development path can be structured in detail and joining the time component and the required capacities provides the basis for starting, resuming or changing the direction of operation. Internal and external circumstances dynamically affect the likelihood of success, and knowledge of own weaknesses and strengths best pairs with the direct or indirect costs that follow the attempt or realization of selling the idea itself, or the products derived from it. Planning with the help of an experienced professional increases the critical chances of the validity of strategic documents that are the foundation of the investment, and which bring many benefits and opportunities through tactical considerations.

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