Why are not the obvious elements visible at the first glance?

Each development has its own price. With the known costs, there are risks and hidden items. Equally, there are opportunities and ways of getting the goal that are not as well-known or understandable to us. Transparency works, 3 ca’s web site was created with the support and co-financing of EU funds aimed at raising the level of competitiveness of entrepreneurship in Croatia. Sharing information and selfless help reducing common efforts is the best incentive for the entire business community that is much more cost-effective to know all available models and tools to accelerate the realization of good ideas and learn about mistakes made to fail. The expertise is different and the ability to comprehend the overall picture is very individual, so a multidisciplinary view of several different angles is the only correct way of leading to visibility of the background that includes the best knowledge of key and secondary elements without which a business plan can not be met. With control of the potential, there will always be a higher force as an effect on which it is not possible to apply the activity to eliminate or diminish significance. Before any effort and funds or time reservation, a profound market analysis is required and it seems that the intended purpose is achieved with more or less deviations from the ideal. Adrenaline that leads to a lower level of preparation and the absence of targeted market segmentation is not desirable and is often the main argument of failure because of one-dimensional observation at first glance or subjective image enhancement in which emotion contrasts and prevails over rational economic conclusions.

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