How fast do we achieve disruption?

Innovation is a process because perfection simply can no not be reached and is associated with the epithet of humanity. Development has never been as fast as today and technology will never progress slowly as it is at the very moment. The ability to transform ideas into concrete improvements or innovations is noticeably different if one observes the speed criteria and can be justified by the investment in statistics. Exceptions of high quality and fast results with minimal resources available confirm the rule where two sides of the stack are in harmony. Any forceful hurrying process that objectively has the time required for the result is counterproductive. The best example is the definition of a project leader as a person who believes that nine women can deliver a baby birth in a month. Particularly emphasized periodicity and unpredictability of outcomes in cases of new models, functionality or technical forms of solving a particular problem. Recognizing a failure as a normal thing in entrepreneurship and every development is a big step forward in the way of understanding all the components that lead to disruption, and in which times it is an extremely important factor. Help and clarity of the picture is achieved by studying the existing good practice of successful and unsuccessful examples, and the case study methodology has been demonstrated globally and will mark support for early entrepreneurship, regardless of experience and ambition.

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